MyWineScore - Wine Sensory Evaluation App for the macOS
The Only Wine Sensory Evaluation Software on the Market for the macOS

We are based in Paradise! Yes, Paradise Valley, Arizona, USA. The land of no earthquakes, no hurricanes, no volcanos, no snow, no floods, just sun, water and plenty of it.

We have been writing code since the time when each line of code was punched in a hollerith card. For those of you who have never seen one, voila! here is one:

Hollerith Card | Copyright Mario Perez-Wilson, Inc.
and we have been analyzing data statistically since tree-rings were measured to reconstruct the past climate.

Tree-Ring Laboratory | Copyright Mario Perez-Wilson, Inc.
Yes, our Lead Programmer has been programming since the invention of computers and pre-historic languages. He coded in ancient pre-objective languages like RPG2, Fortran, Cobol, Basic, Pascal, uuuuuhhhhh scary stuff. And, he inserted those boxes full of punched cards into vintage computer "systems" like the IBM System/3, IBM System/360, CDC Cyber 175, and IBM PC...

Anyway, coming back from antiquity, our Apps (we don't call them programs any more) are designed and written in Objective-C using Xcode for the macOS operating system. And, by virtue of using the same native language of the OS X Apple technology, our Apps are extremely fast and accurate.

Wine Sensory Evaluation Software - MyWineScore
(Wine Sensory Evaluation Software for the macOS X)
MyWineScore Logo | Copyright Mario Perez-Wilson, Inc.
Optimized for the Mac
MyWineScore was designed from the ground up exclusively for the Mac OSX operating system, in the native Cocoa (Objective-C) language, thereby taking full advantage of the superior speed of the Mac CPU processor. This software is extremely fast, and accurate.
Made in USA Flag | Copyright Mario Perez-Wilson, Inc.